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Sugarbear Field

1989 ~ 2009







It has been said that “Each life is a miracle that changes the world . . . and leaves it a better place than it was before.” To have known and loved a precious and gentle cat named Sugarbear is to know this statement to be true. A bigger heart more capable of giving love and compassion is inconceivable.

When Sugarbear went on ahead to Heaven on May 5 of this year, he preceded his loving “mom” and soulmate, Kris Field, and his brothers and sisters, Honeybear, Shannon and Daisy, as well as many loved ones and friends, both feline and human, across the country. He left us all with loving memories of his annual birthday parties, with an attendance which surpassed the attendance at many human events . . . memories of (at his request) running after him and “spanking” him when he flopped down at the end of the chase ... memories of Honeybear piled into a one-cat bed on top of him just to be close because he loved Sugarbear so much . . . of Daisy looking up to him as her “daddy” . . . of Shannon following his lead as her “big brother” . . .

On Sugarbear’s last day on earth, there are those who are convinced that he saw angels as he lay gazing up toward the heavens. There are others who have seen Sugarbear since his departure from this earth ... making sure his loved ones know he will never be truly gone from them – that he will live on in their hearts forever.

We love you and miss, Sugarbear, and always will. Our lives will never be the same without you, but we are better for having loved and been loved by you. Thank you for the honor of sharing your life with us and for letting us share ours with you. Save us all a place in Heaven because we will be there “soooooon” – we promise. And, until we are together again, we will carry you with us in our hearts, as you hold us dear in yours.

The heavens shine one star brighter now, Sugie

. . . because there was you.

Written with love by our friend, Val Spencer 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Sugarbear fell out of the sky one night 
into my arms where I held him tight 
and he blinked and the winked and he purred all day 
'til he looked around and he said, "I'll stay" 
and he stayed and he stayed 'til the seasons passed 
and I knew our love would always last 
cause he danced and he sang 'til my heart sang too 
and he brought us all love that grew and grew 
and it grew so large that it reached the skies 
and it lived in his heart and it lived in his eyes 
and when the day came along when he had to go 
he told me once more that he loved me so 
and he went outside on a bright clear day 
and the angels circled where he lay 
and he watched them fly and he heard them sing 
and he stretched his paw to touch a wing 
and when he came back in we said "good bye" 
head to head, eye to eye 
one more meal, watered and fed 
my hot tears fell on your noble head 
and when I said goodbye and you left that day 
angels came down to lead the way 
to take you over the mountain ridge 
where you'll wait for me on Rainbow Bridge 
and 'til that day, with all my might 
I'll wish on stars most every night 
and pray you're safe and happy, too 
just purring all day like you used to do 
winking and blinking and running free 
and knowing you were so loved by me-- 
always and always,'til time stands still 
I loved you then and I always will 
I thank all Powers in heaven that be 
for giving this beautiful gift to me! 

Kris Field 
The first day of Summer 
June 21,2009

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