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Found a stray cat? If you suspect a cat is lost or homeless, here is a list to help the cat.

1. Try to catch the cat and check for identification tags. If no tags are present, take the cat to a veterinary in order to check it for microchipping identification and illness. Barnwater Cats Rescue Organization can help you find low cost veterinary care.

2. Check the newspaper lost & founds section, as well as local bulletin boards in your area (ie. local veterinary office postings, and other "LOST" posters.)

3. Take a photograph of the cat and post "FOUND" posters in your area. Be careful to leave out one piece of information about the cat to quiz a caller to ensure they are the true owner of the cat.

4. If you need more assistance call Barnwater Cats Rescue Organization at (303) 759-2855.

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