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Georgie Boy

My name is Georgie Boy. I'm neutered male about 6 years old and weigh in at about 11 pounds. I am microchipped and have had a dental and recent vet exams and vaccinations are current. I have a beautiful silver-gray striped coat that I keep immaculate and soft and I have really handsome blue-green eyes. I go nuts over catnip and will sit up on my back legs to play with feather toys that zoom through the air. I purr easily and so loudly that you can hear me across the room. I love to lounge on laps and chests where I can get lots of petting and soft words. I'm in good health, have had all my shots and am leukemia/aids negative. I also have a microchip. I eat only canned food so I have to be fed fairly often. I had a dental in August and had seven teeth pulled; my mom figures my teeth hurt so bad I got out of the habit of eating dry food.  I've had a tough life til now. For a long time I lived with a lady with 53 other cats and, boy, was I glad to get out of there last March! My new mom loves me very much but I'm not getting along well with the cats she had before I came along. I would probably be better off to be an only cat. I would love to meet you. I need a new person to love. For more information or to give Georgie a loving forever home, contact Kris at 303-759-2855 or!

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