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The Barnwater Cats Rescue Organization has some information that may help you with your cat needs. This section will continue to grow as we come across information that may be useful to you.

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Also, visit the Cat Info Library at Cat Stuff. The library has tons of helpful hints and tips, trivia, folklore, cat behavior, age chart, stories, humor, reference information, plus much, much more.


"Get The Facts: What’s Really in Pet Food"

"What's Really for Dinner"

"The Truth About Senior Diets"

"Overweight Cats and Diets"

"Declawing Your Cat"

"Cats & Collars"

"Cats and Toxoplasmosis"

"Poisonous Plants"

Pet Food Glossary

"Destructive Scratching In Cats"

"Fighting Free Radicals"

"Urinary Tract Disease"

Found a Stray?

Feline Cystitis

Companies That DON'T Test On Animals

Companies That DO Test On Animals

"Investigative Report - Pet Food"

"Litterbox Problems"

Feeding Your Cat

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