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Angel is a very sweet, affectionate cat, who would appreciate a home with a lap. She does not appreciate young, active dogs, but will tolerate either an older one or small dogs who don't bother with her. She's lived with multiple cats and is fine with them, but is easily bullied off of her food. She is 10-12 years old, front declawed and is missing an eye, but that doesn't stop her. She needs a home with someone who will give her a couple of months to adjust and will seek her out during that time to give her petting. She meows when you call her name and would love a safe, screened, open window where she can breathe fresh air and hear the neighborhood goings on from the window sill. She loves being brushed and eating her canned food. She has recently had a dental and a good vet report. If interested, please call her foster mom, Janet at 303-814-2891.

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